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Fissure recognition and CNC controlled electron-beam welding

Fissure recognition and CNC controlled electron-beam welding
Kodok Márton
final year project, Sapientia - Hungarian University of Transylvania
2008, Targu Mures, Romania 

      In this paper the author used intensity pictures for recognizing fissures trajectories, the pictures were made by electron-beam machine, projected and developed by PhD. Dávid László.

These images have been enhanced with complex filters and image recognition procedures used in digital processing industry, to extract fissure’s trajectories in a thin and continuous format. Based on the digital information from the filtered images, another program, called postprocessor, generated CNC numerical algorithm for following fissure trajectory.

One deficiency of the electron-beam machinery is the missing precise and modern positioning system. Based on the industry requirements of electron-beam processing under vacuum has been chosen an XY linear positioning stage to hold the metal and move under the beam. Graphical user interface software has been created to transcript CNC numerical codes into the industrial language understood by the motion controllers. Therefore the piece holding table can be controlled using CNC algorithm codes.