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... nyomtatványt (helyszínen vagy otthon lehet kitölteni Cerere extras de informare - http://ocpi-ms.ro/formulare.html az órarend is megtalálható a weblapon), amibe többek között be kell írni az ingatlan címe ...
2. Marosvasarhelyi Diaknapok 2010
... nem lehet fehér Remélhetőleg a hétvégén elkészül az új weboldal ahol elérhetőek lesznek az iratkozáshoz szükséges dokumentumok     A jelentkezési ív mellett kérünk:  Minden csapattagról egyéni, ...
3. What makes each major language “special”?
(Programming/Web Programming)
... very low level in the same language. PHP: Excellent integration with Apache and easy set up for web applications. RealBasic: RAD, compile your applications down to machine code. No interpreter or virtual ...
... a recent Gecko engine (Firefox), a Webkit engine (Safari, Chrome, and some mobile browsers), your supported IE browsers (take advantage of the Application Compatibility VPC Images), and Opera. Also consider ...
5. Linkutil.ro domain for sale
Linkutil.ro domain is for sale! Contact me with your offer!
6. Jobtrans.ro domain for sale
Jobtrans.ro domain is for sale! Contact me with your offer!
7. Discoverjob.ro domain for sale
Discoverjob.ro domain is for sale! Contact me with your offer!
8. Contact
(Uncategorised Content)
Because of heavy Spam, I closed the form, and removed my email from the site. You can contact me anytime on the following websites: With Regards, Kodok Márton  ...
9. Donate
(Uncategorised Content)
This website enables you to donate, I welcome all levels of donations. You can make a donation in honor of someone or something special. Was my work provided with professionalism for you? Did I completed ...
10. Welcome!
(Uncategorised Content)
Welcome to Kodok Márton's personal web page. What is this site all about? Well, it's basically a whole mixture of stuff that I find interesting. It has various programming projects and articles, picture ...
... possibilities. We use the Raspi for web server and although we have it for about 4 months, we didn't tried XBMC yet. The website that is powered by a Raspi is not critical, we could support some down time, ...
12. Drupal Meetup - Marosvasarhelyen
... es fejlesztokkel a talalkozo teljes utmutatast nyujt a telepitestol a kivitelezesen at a legaprobb trukkokig Roviden a Drupalrol- A Drupal nyilt forraskodu, ingyenes szoftver, amivel weblapokat keszithetunk ...
13. The Community
About the millions of Joomla! users and Web sites  ...
14. Web Programming