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OpenELEC wins the Raspberry Pi XBMC try

We were about to watch a FullHD movie on a BD540 bluray player, but it was an unknown codec for BD player, so didn't play. Quickly we decided that we have the Raspberry Pi, so we started to research the possibilities. We use the Raspi for web server and although we have it for about 4 months, we didn't tried XBMC yet. The website that is powered by a Raspi is not critical, we could support some down time, so we decided to try out XBMC. This was quite a challenge.

As usual, we do a quick search of the stuff we want to try out, and this is when we located the article that holds on of the best comparison between the various Raspberry Pi compatible XBMC engines.

We had a spare 4GB SandDisk MicroSD card, we plugged in the SD Card adapter, and we flashed the latest stable OpenELEC release (OpenELEC-RPi.arm-2.95.6, 23-Dec-2012 09:44) Please follow this guide to flash OpenELEC.

Wow. OpenELEC and XBMC looks amazing. Intuitive UI, easy to locate things. We have a P2370HD Samsung TV, and we had CEC support, so it was easy to control over the TVs remote control. For some unknown reason we were not able to plug in an USB stick into to the Raspberry Pi, as suddenly the board kept restarting. We shared the movie from Windows PC, and we used the Windows SMB option to get access via network.

After a couple of minutes the playback became very laggish, the picture constantly freezed every 5 seconds. After a quick research on the internet, we learned that the Raspberry Pi must be overclocked. We overclocked by editing the config.txt located in /flash folder. We used the 800Mhz option. We had to recalibrate the screen, and we noticed the system used a 128Mb memory split. We have the 256Mb Raspberry Pi. It was easy to SSH into the OpenELEC and check out some key settings. The CPU/GPU core temperature was high 65C.

The movie played well in the first hour, after that it was again laggish, freezing the image, but this time only every couple of minutes. The freeze was just a partial of second, so it was not a problem, we kept watching. The movie was great, we enjoyed it very much. Next time we will overclock more to see if we can reduce the lag completely.

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