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ASUS Developer Challenge in either C++ or C#

Welcome to the ASUS Xtion PRO Developer Challenge. We're glad to have you participating in this competition by developing games/apps or evaluating them with us! Want to win the big prize? Read below for more details and information.

1. Objective: To encourage the development of new technology applications and to offer the public a new entertainment choice
2. What to submit:
a. Participants are requested to submit at least one game or app, and a creative video which shows how the game or app is played. We're looking for three types of submission including:
  • Games: all kinds of games ranging from sports, car racing, educational, puzzles, etc.
  • Multimedia: Any app that is played with the users' movies, music or photo libraries, such as e-book reader, photo edit, photo stickers, etc.
  • Others: all the rest reserved for your creativity!
b. Video: A video is required to show audience the features of the game or app. Instead of a simple introduction video, participants can make it more interesting with a usage scenario andshow the audience what the best way to play your game or app is.
c. Programming languages are requested to be either C++ or C#. All games or apps are required to be able to run on ASUS Xtion PRO (Xtion PRO only supports depth detection) and our minimum system requirement:
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • CPU:Conroe Core processor or above.
  • AMD Athlon64 AM2 Socket or above
  • System Memory:2GB
  • Graphics card: VGA: Support DX9.0 or above
  • Graphics memory: 1GB
  • Resolution: 1280*720 screen resolution
  • * Xtion PRO SDK is OpenNI compatible
d. All games/apps are played using the entire body or gestures without any remote or keyboard/mouse (All games/apps are gestured-based.)
e. All games/apps can work between 0.8-3.5m from the sensor.
f. All games/ apps submitted must be in English.
g. All games/apps must be submitted to the website by the May 31st deadline
3. All games/apps will be judged in 2 rounds
a. 1st round: ASUS will select games and apps based on the following criteria:
  • User stickiness (40%): Attractiveness and addictiveness to users
  • Feasibility (30%): Games and apps should be effective and fun especially with gesture control, taking advantage of the unique features of this platform
  • Creativity (20%): Creative and interesting, and original games/apps
  • Professional (10%): The overall look of the game and app should have good graphics and sound effects.
By clicking "Agree" to the Terms and Conditions before uploading a new game or app, Eligible Entrants agree to license ASUS to put the game or app chosen in the first round on the ASUS online app store. If Eligible Entrants do not agree to license ASUS to put the game or app on the ASUS online app store, their game/app will not be eligible to enter into the second round voting. Nevertheless, ASUS reserves the right to discuss future detail commercial business relationship with Eligible Entrants whose game or app is chosen in the first round.
b. 2nd round: Videos of winners from the first round will be posted online and open to the public to let the public vote for the top three best games/apps that they'd like most to play with. The top three games/apps will be the winners of this Competition ("Winners"). The Winners will be awarded a first, second or third prize according to the votes of the public. With help from ASUS, you now have a free chance to promote your software in front of the world, and let people experience and appreciate your hard work.
The rules for public vote will be announced by ASUS later at official WAVI Family Site forum
4. Prize
a. The prizes of the Winners and this Competition are as below,
  • First prize: USD$ 20,000
  • Second prize: USD $ 3,000
  • Third prize: USD $ 1,000
  • Best video shooting: USD $ 500
Besides the 1st/2nd/3rd awards, there’s also aprize for the best shoot video prize. Participants are encouraged to have a video to show the audience the features of their games/apps. Instead of a simple introduction video, Eligible Entrants can make it more interesting with scenarios, or what’s the best way to play their games or apps. The video viewed by the most number of people during the Competition will win USD $500.
Note 1 : Winner is solely responsible for any tax that may arise from acceptance of the prize. Independent financial advice should be sought by Winners themselves. ASUS accepts no responsibility in this regard.
Note 2: Games and apps chosen from first round may have the chance to be put on the ASUS online app store. ASUS reserves the right to discuss future possible commercial business relationship with Eligible Entrants whose game or app is chosen in the first round.
5. Timeline:
  • a. March 22nd: the Competition starts
  • b. May 31th: Final submission date (close on CST 17:00)
  • c. Mid June: Selected videos are open to the public for a second vote for the final winners (specific dates to be announced on WAVI Xtion family site forum)
  • d. July : Winners announcement(specific dates to be announced on WAVI Xtion family site forum)
  • Note: ASUS reserved the right to postpone or change the date on the website without individual notice.
6. Important reminder:
When registering as a player, Eligible Entrant must behave in accordance with the Conditions and other rules set forth by ASUS, and must not be in violation of any relevant and effective laws. For more details, please see the detail terms and conditions for competition.
7. For more competition questions, you can go to our forum at official WAVI XtionFamily Site. For more technical questions, you can go to OpenNI for discussions and help.
For more details please visit the Contest webpage.

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